Graphic representing How to choose a new gas boiler in Derby, Burton on trent and The Midlands

How to Choose a New Gas Boiler

Choosing the Right Boiler for You for Efficiency & Long Term Cost Effectiveness

Knowing how to buy a new or replacement gas boiler can be confusing and daunting. So much to choose from and so many things to consider! Not only that, but choosing a new boiler from a reputable, Gas Safe registered company could end up saving your life.

This could also be one of the biggest expense homeowners could face so it is vital that you do your homework before sitting down to choose a new gas boiler.

First, ask yourself… “Do I actually need a new boiler?”

This is where choosing the right company or gas engineer could be more important than choosing the boiler first! get your local trusted gas engineer or reputable company to come and give you expert advice after inspecting your old boiler. Heating Bliss are rightly proud of their reputation for both quality of our engineers and the boilers we supply.  You should check out the reviews on trusted sites & Google before engaging an engineer.

You may find that if you are having problems it could be more cost effective to have your boiler repaired. However, our engineer will advise if longer term you could save money by installing one of our energy efficient replacement gas boilers.

The other consideration is if you need to free up space by installing a new boiler that does not require hot water tank

What type of boiler should I choose?

You need to decide if have space for a hot water tank first with a conventional heat only boiler or if you prefer to free up space with a combination boiler.

Heat Only Boilers are ideally suited to larger or family homes where several people use the hot water at the same time. They do require space for a hot water tank and a cold feed tank which is usually in the loft space. Conventional boilers are much simpler and therefore tend to be quite robust as there is less to go wrong!

Combination Boilers (combi Boilers) are great for space saving as everything is contained within the boiler and water is heated as it is needed. This is efficient and saves space. However, they are more complex so can be less robust than a conventional boiler and only one person can use the hot water at a time.

So, you do have a good choice. Just a question of space vs convenience and fuel efficiency vs complexity.

Whatever you choose heating Bliss have the right boiler for your needs, with a high quality Gas Safe Engineer to fit it and an optional gas boiler service contract for your peace of mind.

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