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Key Questions

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Hi, I’m Vincent, Chief Executive of Heating Bliss.
We come across many important questions when speaking with prospective contracting clients. I thought I would share some of the points that I have encountered and how we feel about the issues raised. I hope it is a helpful exercise.

If you have questions or comments about these issues or any others, please do drop me an email so we can chat.

Key Questions

Heating Bliss offers contracted services covering a wide range of circumstances and client types, from individual private landlords to Councils and the largest Social Landlords. We believe there are powerful reasons why our offerings of support services in the areas of Gas Safety Certification (CP12s) and response activities in servicing, repair and replacement of gas boilers and domestic heating systems will persuade many large and small landlord groups, their agents and advisors, and businesses in the insurance industry to work with us in close partnership.

Clearly, in any case of outsourcing business services, clients will wish to see a balanced view of the key questions in play. In this section, we have tried to illustrate some of the perceived reasons why organisations might not feel persuaded to engage with us in the hope that this will facilitate a discussion where these questions can be fully explored.

As a landlord or insurance organisation, we currently receive service support from locally based gas heating engineers. Why would we wish to disrupt this service?

We fully support local engineers and recruit the very best local engineers in to our network of employed regional teams. This creates the double benefit of local knowledge combined with strong national resource. It also enables us to offer our clients assured response times and availability, thus avoiding those times when local engineers are simply not available.

Isn’t it true that a local engineer will be cheaper than Heating Bliss?

No. We are not persuaded by this argument for two reasons:
Firstly, we are able to offer very competitive service tariffs to our clients as a direct result of scale and partnering methods. Secondly, we question whether “cheap” should be the priority when dealing with issues of safety, quality of service and customer service bearing in mind that the householders are your tenants/customers.

As a larger organisation, we employ our own gas engineers directly; surely this excludes Heating Bliss from offering anything we might need?

Quite the reverse; we embrace models of partnering with direct workforces where relevant. There are three key issues to consider, in our view:

  1. On the question of Gas Safety Certification, is it appropriate for organisations to be seen as “marking their own homework”?
  2. Instructing Heating Bliss to conduct CP12 Certification can improve the productivity of your direct workforce by enabling them to focus on  more costly works.
  3. Heating Bliss can be appointed as a support resource to aid your direct workforce in times of market stress, holiday periods, etc.

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