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Landlord Gas Safety Certification: CP12’s

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An inspection of your gas meter, pipework, any appliances selected and water pressure, required by law, every twelve months. Full details on application.

A Gas Safety Certificate will be issued showing the outcome and a reminder of when it is next due for renewal.

What to expect from your CP12 Certificate

  • Your (the landlord’s) name and address or potentially the name and address of your managing agent if they are dealing with the process.
  • The correct address of the property the gas safety certificate is for.
  • The date that the inspection was carried out.
  • A description of each appliance and flue inspected as well as details of their location in the property.
  • Details of any defects identified and the actions that have been taken to rectify them.
  • Confirmation that appliances are working correctly and that they are safe.
  • The name, signature and Gas Safe number of the person who did the CP12 inspection.
  • A reminder date for your next inspection.

What we offer:

  • The option of fixed price, long term contracting.
  • Competitive prices, without compromise.
  • Future proof prices, no nasty surprises.
  • Fixed response times, fixed tariffs.
  • Contractual fulfilment.
  • Responsive service.

We understand the demands of legislative requirements and are committed to the highest standards of customer service.

Our Reputation is Everything to us.