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Response Services

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Heating Bliss offers contracted response services covering a wide range of circumstances and client types, from individual private landlords to Councils and the largest Social Landlords.

  • Emergency

  • Diagnostics

  • Repairs

  • Boiler

  • Heating

Emergency Callouts

When heating systems fail for all sorts of reasons, Landlords and Insurers need fast and assured responses to deal with the problem. These responses can play a large part in the perception of their customer services standards.

Heating Bliss can provide you with contracted response services including emergency callouts with agreed response and costs times as part of the agreement. You can rely on us for contracted emergency call out services.

When dealing with issues of safety, quality of work and customer service, we bear in mind that the householders are your tenants/customers and make that our priority.


Heating Bliss gas engineers are professionals in boiler and heating repairs for landlords and insurers. They are specialists in diagnosis and fast turnaround.

When things go wrong, getting the correct fault diagnosis right is vital to minimising the stress, cost and downtime to your tenants, policyholders and agents alike.

If your tenant's gas boiler has broken-down, is leaking or has a persistent fault, our local boiler engineers will attend as soon as possible to diagnose and fix the issue.


Heating Bliss engineers are fully trained and equipped to carry out urgent repairs on your behalf. Fast turnaround of cost effective repairs can go a long way to keep your tenants and policyholders happy and content.

Having local engineers available as a result of an agreement with us means repairs can be handled very efficiently.


Boiler Replacement

Sometimes you may need to upgrade or replace the gas boiler in your properties to meet current gas legislation or replace end of life boilers. This could occasionally also apply to entire heating systems.

For landlords and insurers, it is important to install gas boilers safely and with quality boilers that provide a total life cost effective solution including maintenance & repairs. We only employ installers who are qualified engineers and have the right levels of experience in heating systems installation.

We supply and install high quality boilers that provide a total life cost-effective and reliable solution landlords and insurers and rely on.


Heating Systems

We believe there are powerful reasons why our comprehensive heating system installation services, including Gas Safety Certification (CP12s) and response activities in servicing, repair and replacement of gas boilers and domestic heating systems will persuade many large and small landlord groups, their agents and advisors, and businesses in the insurance industry to work with us in close partnership.

We treat all customers with the same utmost respect.
Looking after your customers’ gas safety and heating requirements is a privilege.